Een bijzondere editie van DoubleDutch, onze podcast over de Amerikaanse verkiezingen. Ook de dochters van correspondenten Freke Vuijst en Reinout van Wagtendonk schuiven aan. Allebei half Nederlands, half Amerikaans.

Let op: de gesprekken worden deze week in het Engels gevoerd. Laat ons weten wat je ervan vindt!

Freke: ‘So, both of you are part Dutch, you know the country well. You’ve heard a lot through the work of your father, in your case, and your mother, in yours, about the political situation in Holland. Do you think your political views may have been shaped by that experience of another country with a different kind of a political system?’

Samara: ‘I think it does. Maybe more up until recently socialism was a little bit  of a scary word in America. And I saw from a very young age that a social democracy can work really well. The quality of life was much better for working class folks was much better.’

Freke: ‘And you also used to say, they don’t work as hard as we...