International cycling federation UCI warned Lance Armstrong and many other riders with suspect values when they came close to testing positive for performance enhancing drugs.

In an interview with Vrij Nederland Hein Verbruggen states that he initiated UCI-policy to warn riders with suspect values.

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The cycling federation notified Lance Armstrong back in 2001 about his values being suspect. Despite that, Verbruggen always defended Armstrong publicly. Verbruggen to Vrij Nederland: ‘It was hard for me to the extent that you know more than you can say. You have questions but you can’t express it publicly.’ Hein Verbruggen was president of the UCI from 1991-2005.

Confidential papers show that topriders and teammanagers were invited to come to the UCI headquarters in Switzerland where UCI’s chief doctor Mario Zorzoli gave them powerpoint presentations showing UCI’s anti-doping strategy and giving them information about found suspect...